Woodwinds and Brass Catalogue for the LEISURE PLANET MUSIC

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WOODWINDS AND BRASS (alphabetical by composer)

Arthur Jarvinen

A CONSPIRACY OF CROWS (2000)  3 oboes or any combination of 3 members of the oboe family (one or two may be recorded). 20 minutes. AJ62  $25.

CARBON (1982) bass clarinet solo. ca. 12 minutes. AJ1 $8.

CARBON 1999 (1999) slightly revised version of Carbon, for bass clarinet solo with 2 digital delays or 3 bass clarinets. ca 13 minutes. AJ59  $8.

THE FIFTEEN FINGERS OF DOCTOR WU (1987) oboe solo. 6 minutes. AJ14 $9.

GOLDBEATER'S SKIN (1987) clarinet or bass clarinet solo. 8½ minutes. AJ15 $9.

PHILIFOR HONEYCOMBED WITH CHILDISHNESS (1991) oboe and chamber ensemble: piccolo, bass clarinet, piano, 3 percussion, violin, cello, contrabass. 20 minutes. Study Score AJ29-S $20.

Mel Powell

CANTILENA (1982) trombone solo with tape. 6 minutes. Score + CD (tape part) MP1 $30.

Petros Shoujounian

SASSOUNI (1985) 2 flutes (piccolos, alto flutes) and harpsichord. 20 minutes. Set of 3 Scores PS2 $25. Study Score PS2-S $10.


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