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Books and Recordings

Arthur Jarvinen
EXPERIMENTAL ETUDES (1996) This is a book of twenty pieces addressing problems frequently encountered in contemporary music performance. These include unconventional notations, extra- musical performance requirements, performer-realization of scores, coordination with tape, improvisation, minimalist structures, and more. All etudes are playable on any standard instrument and are notated in various clefs for convenience. They are ideal for self-study, private or group lessons, and classroom instruction. The book includes short essays relevant to each topic, many useful references, plus a forty-minute demonstration cd by members of the California E.A.R. Unit. 103 pages.
ISBN 978-0-9789124-0-6

Arthur Jarvinen
SGT. PEKKER, the Complete Scores (2002)
Sgt. PEKKER is a CD of humorous songs by a fictitious pop group of the same name, composed and performed by Arthur Jarvinen (see CD listings below). The Complete Scores includes every single note, lyric, and spoken word (even the naughty ones) on the Sgt. PEKKER recording, including the complete orchestrations, expertly copied, and printed on 70# offset paper in an easy-to-read size and format. (Audio clips and more information on the piece here.)
175 pages.

Robert Fernandez
This is the single most comprehensive and accurate source on Afro-Latin percussion, covering the folkloric and popular traditions of Cuba, Brazil, Haiti, Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru, and Jamaica. Painstakingly compiled by Latin percussion specialist Robert Fernandez. Not a musicalogical treatise, this is a practical resource for players.
ISBN 978-0-9789124-1-3
THE AFRO-CUBAN FOLKLORIC MUSICAL TRADITION, A Practical Guide for Percussionists  (2007)
The result of more than twenty years of study, research, and practical experience, this is without question the most comprehensive book on the subject. Includes valuable information about the historical and cultural context in which the music was developed and has evolved, detailed transcriptions of local and regional variations on all the music from all parts of the island, clear discussion and notation of the instruments and playing techniques, and a 47 minute demonstration CD. A must for any percussionist wantiing to learn this music thoroughly and accurately, and a valuable resource for scholars and students of world music. Click here for more information, including excerpts from the text, transcriptions, and audio CD.
ISBN 978-0-9789124-2-0

Compact Discs


CDs are $15. each

Pedro Jesus Orta, with Luca Brandoli and Robert Fernandez
OMO AÑA (Lakefire Records LR0202)
An exciting concert recording of an unusual event — a public performance of ceremonial music from the Afro-Cuban religious tradition by one of its most revered practitioners and two of his most accomplished students.

Arthur Jarvinen
SGT. PEKKER (Lakefire Records LR0201)
An "anti-thology" of 29 humorous songs by a fictitious pop group of the same name, composed and performed by Arthur Jarvinen as John Paul Pope, Jean-Paul Fabb, Audman Aoudt, and Otto DaFaye. Includes such groovy hits as Taller Than Jesus, Yellow Limousine, Blackguy, and Hey Vern. 16 page lyric book included. Playing time 56:28.

The Antenna Repairmen
GHATAM (M.A Recordings M037A)
Percussionists Arthur Jarvinen, Robert Fernandez, and M.B. Gordy are the Antenna Repairmen. Ghatam is a 52 minute work for a unique array of ceramic instruments hand made especially for them by sculptor Stephen Freedman. The cd also features two improvisations played on bottles, boxes, metal chairs, miscellaneous junk, socket wrench, etc.
"You may not call in The Antenna Repairmen to improve your TV reception, but they could certainly help to fine-tune your musical sensibilities." Colin Gardner, L.A.Times
Playing time 62:18

Arthur Jarvinen/The California E.A.R. Unit
The debut cd by the California E.A.R. Unit percussionist and composer. Kyle Gann of the Village Voice calls Jarvinen "one of the subtlest composers of his generation".
Includes The Vulture's Garden, Edible Black Ink, Murphy-Nights, The Paces of Yu, and The Queen of Spain.
Playing time 66:09

Arthur Jarvinen/Some Over History
ERASE THE FAKE (O.O. Discs #48)
This is Jarvinen's second disc for O.O., this time featuring his group Some Over History — Robin Lorentz, violin; Marty Walker, bass clarinet; Toby Holmes, trombone/tuba/acoustic bass; and the composer on electric bass, harmonicas, and electronics. Pieces include Out Of the Blue for steel bell plates, No Blues for harmonica and digital delay, The Hole-Flow Symphony for acoustic instruments and electronic sounds, Cheap Suit Tango for violin and tuba, and rock instrumentals Toys Do Not Walk and Talk and the title track Erase the Fake.
Playing time 62:35.

PAILFACE, BLUES SINGER (Lakefire Records LR0302)
Blues originals in a darkly humorous vein by Pailface (a.k.a. Arthur Jarvinen) on vocals, slide guitar, and guitarron, and featuring Midget Waterslavsky (a.k.a. Miroslav Tadic) on guitars. Songs include My Home Is In the Valley, My Captain, Starving Artist Blues, Low Down Sinner Unrepentant Blues, Amish Boy, and Warren.
Playing time 24:03

Arthur Jarvinen and Miroslav Tadic
ENDLESS BUMMER (Lakefire Records LR0301)
Three surf guitar ballads by Jarvinen, exquisitely interpreted by guitarist Tadic, with Jarvinen on bass, vocals, and Hammond Solovox. More info and audio clips here.
Playing time 30:29

Arthur Jarvinen
SERIOUS IMMOBILITIES (Los Angeles River Records LAL2-31)
Variations on Erik Satie's Vexations, for piano solo, performed by Bryan Pezzone.
Playing time 77:42

Stephen "Lucky" Mosko/The California E.A.R. Unit
The first full cd of Mosko's music, performed by the California E.A.R. Unit. Mosko's music is inimitable, being informed by such diverse influences as Morton Feldman, sufi music, Icelandic epic poetry, and contemporary physics.
Includes Psychotropes and Indigenous Music II for chamber ensemble, Rais Murad for cello and piano, and Rendering for piano solo.
Playing time 59.25

Jack Vees
This extraordinary recording is Jack's latest, featuring his dazzling virtuosity as bassist, his inventiveness as composer, and his insightfulness and taste as arranger - not to
mention the exceptional  quality of the recording itself. The album is performed entirely by Vees on electric basses, sometimes with electronics, and with some overdubbing. It
features a healthy balance of Vees originals and his unique cover versions of personal favorites.
Manic Depression (Jimi Hendrix), The Restaurant Behind the Pier (Vees), I Want You (She's So Heavy) (Lennon/McCartney), John Henry (Vees),  As You Said (Jack Bruce/Pete Brown), Monsieur Piñata (Vees), Surf Music II (Vees).
Playing Time: 53:35

SURF MUSIC AGAIN (CRI / Emergency CD730)
The first cd by the electric bass virtuoso and composer, this disc is full of Vees's inimitable melodic convolutions, bone-crunching harmonies, and unstoppable rhythmic drive.
Includes Piano Trio (Hulk Smash!) for 2 pianos 6 hands, electric bass solos SPNFL and Surf Music Again, Rocket Baby for solo electric cello and electronics, Stigmata non Grata for four handbell players, and Tattooed Barbie for electrified oboe, electric 12-string guitar, and drum machine.
Playing time 64:62

5th Species
This disc feature's Arthur Jarvinen's infectious Goldbeater's Skin, in a special arrangement for woodwind quintet. Also includes: Julia Wolfe On Seven-Star Shoes, David Mott Inside the Dance of Rain, Rudolph Komorous Fumon Manga, Martin Bresnick Just Time, Wendy Prezament Trilling, and Gyorgy Ligeti Ten Pieces.


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