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The Antenna Repairmen

GHATAM (1992-93) percussion trio for ceramic instruments. 51 minutes. Recorded on M.A. Recording #M037A. This unique work is a collaboration by The Antenna Repairmen (percussionists Arthur Jarvinen, Robert Fernandez, and M.B. Gordy) and sculptor Stephen Freedman. GHATAM, as a complete work in its original form, may only be performed on the instruments for which it was composed. However, three of the four main sections of Ghatam are available as independent works, playable on other instruments. Those works are listed in the Leisure Planet Music catalogue by individual composer. The complete score is available for those who may be interested.

Robert Fernandez

KATIBO (1980) vibraphone solo. requires 3 bass bows. 3 minutes.

TENTACLES (1979) Original version for 3 mallet players. 7 - 10 minutes. This work can also be done with 3 or 4 players, any instruments, or with parts doubled, etc.

WATCH YOUR MOUTH (1993) (from Ghatam) percussion trio, unspecified instrumentation. 8 minutes.
Recorded by the Antenna Repairmen on Ghatam (M.A. Recording #M037A).

Robert Fernandez

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