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"in small matters, good fortune"

About This Record Company

I started Lakefire Records for the primary purpose of releasing recordings of my own music on a very small, affordable scale. I have recordings released on other labels, recorded at considerable expense in "real" studios and commercially pressed and packaged. They don't make any money. If I tried to do every project the traditional way I would be intolerably poor and debt-ridden for the rest of my life.

Fortunately, the technology is now readily available that allows artists like myself to record at home on a computer, burn CD-Roms, do quality artwork and printing, and sell the products through a web site. I can even do my own shrink wrapping!

This is good, because now I can release projects that would otherwise most likely never be heard, perhaps never even be created, and supply only my actual market.

So, there you have it. These are "home made" records. But rest assured that every effort is made to provide you with a high quality product at a fair price and you can't say I wasn't up front about things.

So far I've had a lot of nice compliments and no complaints, except for one person who when he noticed that the disk was a CD-R thought I was selling bootlegs and felt sort of cheated as if there were a "real" CD out there somewhere and wrote to ask if the artist gets any royalties from the transaction. So, I hope that's all clear now.

I hope you find something of interest in this small catalogue and will spread the word.

Thank you for your support of independently produced music.

Arthur Jarvinen
composer, musician