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Composer: Anna Rubin


Anna Rubin’s music has been heard and performed on four continents.   She composes instrumental and electroacoustic music, often with an engaged political narrative. She has received awards, grants, and fellowships from such organizations as ASCAP, New York Foundation for the Arts, Ohio Arts Council, National Orchestral Association,  Meet the Composer and the Gaudeamus Foundation.  She been awarded residencies at Harvestworks, Inc., Brahmshaus, and Brooklyn College Center for Computer Music.  Commissions include the California E.A.R. Unit, New American Radio,  Radio Station WNYC,  Abbie Conant, F. Gerard Errante, Thomas Buckner, and the New England Foundation for the Arts.
She is a member of ASCAP,  International Computer Music Association (ICMC), Member-at-Large for the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music, U.S. (SEAMUS),  as well as a Member of the Board of the International Association for Women Musicians.  She has served as panelist for the New York Foundation for the Arts, Ohio Arts Council, Arts International, ICMC, and SEAMUS.  She has a doctorate in composition from Princeton University and her principal teachers have been Mel Powell, Leonard Stein, Ton de Leeuw and Pauline Oliveros. She has taught courses and lectured on women in music and helped organize one of the first campus festivals of women in music at CalArts in 1974 as well as one of the first academic courses on the subject.  She has taught at Lafayette College and Oberlin College Conservatory of Music and since 2002 she has taught computer music and composition at the University of Maryland/Baltimore County.

Ms. Rubin has a new CD, Electric Music, released on Capstone Records.

Leisure Planet Music publishes two works by Anna Rubin. They are Viola A Tre for three violas, and Taming the Beast for multiple percussion solo with tape.
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