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California E.A.R. Unit
EDIBLE BLACK INK - music of Arthur Jarvinen (OO Discs 28)
The first full cd of Jarvinen's music, performed by the California E.A.R.Unit, with guest artists Peter Zaferes (electric guitar) and Vinny Golia (nagaswaram).
The Vulture's Garden, Edible Black Ink, Murphy-Nights (a coda to "Johnny Sprays"), Count Your Change, Clean Your Gun, The Paces of Yu, Eye In the Wall of Meat, The Queen of Spain.
Playing time 66:09

Some Over History
This is Jarvinen's second disc for O.O., this time featuring his group Some Over History - Robin Lorentz, violin; Marty Walker, bass clarinet; Toby Holmes, trombone/tuba/acoustic bass; and the composer on electric bass, harmonicas, and electronics. Pieces include Out Of the Blue for steel bell plates, No Blues for harmonica and digital delay, The Hole-Flow Symphony for acoustic instruments and electronic sounds, Cheap Suit Tango for violin and tuba, and progressive rock instrumentals Toys Do Not Walk and Talk and the title track Erase the Fake.
Playing time 62:35.
The Antenna Repairmen
M.A Recordings #M037A
Antenna Repairmen and ceramic tubes Percussionists Arthur Jarvinen, Robert Fernandez, and M.B. Gordy started playing together as the Antenna Repairmen in 1978, while students at CalArts. Ghatam is their first cd, released in 1997.
The title piece is a 52 minute work for unique ceramic instruments which were hand made for this project by sculptor Stephen Freedman. The disc also features two improvisations, performed on all sorts of junk that was lying around the studio. Musically, this recording goes from abstract textural explorations to relentless burning grooves.

Steve Taylor, writing in The Tracking Angle, had this to say -

"The beautiful noise of Robert Fernandez, Arthur Jarvinen, and M.B. Gordy treads a fine line between recital and first-time invention. It is one of those uncategorizable experiences rife with the kind of spontaneous detail that your memory will never be able to totally nail down."

SGT. PEKKER (Lakefire Records LR0201)
An "anti-thology" of 29 humorous songs in the manner of the Beatles, composed by Jarvinen, recorded mostly on computer with MIDI sounds, with the composer on all vocal parts. For more info and to hear clips visit the Pekker pages.
Playing time 56:28

Arthur Jarvinen and Miroslav Tadic
ENDLESS BUMMER (Lakefire Records LR0301)
Three instrumental surf ballads by Arthur Jarvinen, exquisitely interpreted by guitarist Miroslav Tadic, with Jarvinen on electric bass, Hammond Solovox, and voice.
Playing time: 30:29

PAILFACE - blues singer (Lakefire Records LR0302)
Blues originals and adaptations by Pailface (a.k.a. Arthur Jarvinen) performing on vocals, slide guitar, and guitarron, and featuring Midget Waterslavsky (a.k.a. Miroslav Tadic) on guitars.
Playing time 24:03

SERIOUS IMMOBILITIES (Los Angeles River Records LAL2-31)
Variations on Erik Satie's enigmatic work Vexations, for piano solo, performed by Bryan Pezzone.
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Playing time 77:42

Individual Jarvinen works available on recordings by other artists -

New Albion NA019CD
The debut recording by the California E.A.R. Unit opens with Arthur Jarvinen's catchy Egyptian Two-Step, featuring the composer on chromatic harmonica. Other works include Quintessence by E.A.R. Unit co-founder Rand Steiger, Michael Torke's The Yellow Pages, Stockhausen Dr. K - Sextet, Elliot Carter Enchanted Preludes, Esprit Rude/Esprit Doux, Canon for Four, and Louis Andriessen Hoketus.

5th Species
The first cd by this fine Canadian woodwind quintet features Arthur Jarvinen's lively, melodic Goldbeater's Skin, plus works by Julia Wolfe, David Mott, Rudolf Komorous, Martin Bresnick, Wendy Prezament, and Gyorgy Ligeti.
Please note that Artifact Music (Toronto) is not the same as Artifact Records (San Francisco).

Marty Walker
Features Jarvinen's Carbon 1999, for solo bass clarinet overdubbed twice, plus works by Wadada Leo Smith, Michael Jon Fink, Bernardo Feldman, Barney Childs, Shaun Naidoo, and Jim Fox.

Vicki Ray
Features Jarvinen's The Meaning Of the Treat, for piano solo, and works by Stephen Hartke, Amy Knoles, Paul Dresher, Donald Crockett, and Shaun Naidoo.

Twisted Tutu
PLAY NICE (OO Discs 66)
This recording by the downtown New York duo of Eve Beglarian and Kathleen Supové includes Jarvinen's God B's Lullaby, for piano, voice, and shortwave sounds, plus works by Beglarian, Beglarian/Ben Rubin, Duke Ellington, Robin Lorentz, Guy Klucevsek, Randall Woolf, and Kitty Brazelton.

SOLAR (Sol Y Sombra Records 001)
This group plays jazz and contemporary chamber music, and their first recording features a Jarvinen work that splits that difference, The Aten, composed specifically for Helios and scored for violin, bass, piano, and drums/gongs. Also music by Miles Davis, Alberto Ginastera, Erik Satie, Tristan Fuentes, Eric Larss Peterson, Erik Griswold, and Terry Riley.

Arthur Jarvinen

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