If you are interested in Afro-Cuban music you may also find these items of interest.

The Afro-Latin Ensemble Workbook
by Robert Fernandez

This is the book Fernandez uses in his Latin percussion courses at California State University, Los Angeles. It is simply the single most comprehensive and accurate source on Afro-Latin percussion, covering the folkloric and popular traditions of Cuba, Brazil, Haiti, Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru, and Jamaica. Not a musicalogical treatise, this is a practical resource for players.


Pedro Jesus Orta
omo aña

In 1998 the great late bata master Pedro Jesus Orta gave one of the very rare public performances of some the sacred music of Santeria - portions of the Oro Seco, and songs for Yemaya - on the FaultLines concert series in Los Angeles. We got a very good recording of the event, and though the CD is on the short side, the music and playing are truly beautiful.
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